Dr. De Saint-Simone has developed a collection of amazingly powerful diagnostic and therapeutic but extraordinarily simple and powerful tools that instantaneously open lines of Mind-cell communication, enabling people to implement at the deepest levels the willed changes they desire.

Best known for her pioneering practice in the field of mental healing, Dr. De Saint-Simone’s visionary approach coupled with a rigorous adherence to the highest scientific/spiritual standards has won her the Silver Medal of the University of Alcala de Henares in Madrid, Spain and her accomplishments in the fields of Personal Transformation and Healing through the Mind international acclaim with the title of Dame of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem.

Stress – How did Stress begin?

The very fact of man materializing on the Earth’s surface more than 70 million years ago produced an intense interaction of his consciousness with the environmental conditions. It is then that man’s primary mechanisms of ‘stress’ began to form. In order for man to optimally function, seven centers of energy formed along his body, which needed to develop fully. For that development to happen each one of them had to be the target of an influx of that Energy; which we call stress. The message is clear, not only the flow of health and harmony, but the continuity of life depends on man finding his Source and becoming one with It. In other words, man will be whole and fulfilled when his consciousness and expression in thought, feeling and action is expanded out of himself into a total union and harmony with the Supreme Mind.

Do not confuse this process with a religious philosophy, for it is a biological requirement for evolution. Growth is a characteristic of life and it necessitates change. And a real change, lasting and magnificent as this must come through the release of energies within man’s center of being. What does stress have to do with this? Everything. This energy is to our body, as gasoline is to a car. It is a fact that only a few people whose Center has been awakened and have been taught how to use it and act from it are able to cope adequately with the stress the 21st Century is already imposing on mankind. What is unfortunate is that most humans ignore that this Center exists, although it’s innate in them. As a consequence they don’t know how to use the vital energy flowing in them to aid their evolution, and it has turned into the biggest killer of our times: Stress.

What is the Method to Be New?

The FIRST STEP is to take a Case History of the client. Out of the Case History we get a Double Diagnosis:

1) The Waking or Symptomatic Diagnosis 2) The Underlying Diagnosis.

In the first session we sometimes give a Word Association Test if we deem it necessary.

When we finish the testing and study the Case History we should know exactly what is wrong and know exactly how to treat the patient.

We never try to change the individual, comment or talk about the problem much after the Case History.

Nor do we put labels on the client, calling them:  ‘neurotic’, ‘people pleaser’, ‘workaholic’, ‘impotent’, ‘manic-depressive,’ etc. 

The aim of this Method is to help the client to dis-identify from the problem and or the labels that he may have been given and identified with. We want him to start identifying with his or her healthy centered self, and not with their problematic image, more than they already have.

The work concentrates on the removal of the Root-Cause of the problem. As this happens the client changes naturally, gradually. The healing will start to show at each person’s Subconscious perfect pace.

TO ACCOMPLISH THIS we use the 5 Rs system
1. Relaxation (removal through experience and resolution.)
2. Realization (experiential realization when the Subconscious places together the emotion and the event that caused it and the person is relieved forever of the symptom that afflicted it.)
3. Re-education (learning how to accept the change and be new.)
4. Rehabilitation (breaking old patterns of thought, behavior and emotional reactions.)
5. Re-enforcement of new patterns.

So, we have the 1st and the 2nd Rs to find and remove the underlying root cause of the symptom.
The 3rd and the 4th to help to break patterns and to eliminate the secondary gains the problem had.
The 5th to re-enforce the new free self-image and new chosen patterns of being.

This therapeutic Method of Hypno-analysis can free most everyone of any psychosomatic symptom, addictions, character flows and even other problems not consider psychosomatic. It is a truly powerful and harmless method of healing, what has been called by Quantum scientists ‘the Medicine of the Future’. Nature has endowed us with – our Mind. 

The process is natural and exciting because you not only heal, but learn to be who You truly Are and to function from that center of Power and Strength in all aspects of your life.

It is a method of deep introspection of yourself in which the Subconscious Mind will eventually release the I.S.E. or Initial Sensitizing Event. The I.S.E. is usually not consciously recalled, or even suspected by the person. This event is the root-cause of the problem, it is normally linked to serious emotional trauma, thus it is usually well buried in the Subconscious.

1. The Symptom Producing Event is on the contrary usually recalled by the patient. The patient may recall the first time the symptoms appeared but he may not be aware of what caused it.

2. The S.I.E. or Symptom Intensifying Event or events is, or are, usually what causes the visit to the therapist. This is usually a conscious and often time painful problem.  

In Hypnoanalysis the removal of the problems is always safe and natural. We take the patient to an Alpha state of relaxation where the Subconscious Mind is able to take him or her to that which is directly connected to their problem, we remove it and replace it with an ideal and beneficial event chosen by the subconscious of the patient. The quantity of emotional power driving the new suggestions of freedom is the factor to be reckoned with in producing the cure. 

Hypno-Analysis Effective and Practical as Phone Therapy

In this type of therapy, the physical presence of the therapist is not necessary at all. What is needed is a hand’s free phone (speaker phone or a head set), a clear phone communication and a private relaxed environment. As a matter of fact I have clients all over the country, and the world, some whom I have never met, but have freed themselves of very serious symptoms and changed their lives by having only the phone therapy with me.

How Does Life Regression Therapy Work?

Pretty much the same as Hypno Analysis works; the client is taken into a deep state of relaxation and taken into his/her SC memory bank, given the proper instructions for this type of regression and let the Subconscious Mind give us the information necessary. The realizations and changes happen immediately.

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