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Now about her other aspects that we are always interested to know: Ysatis is a true citizen of the world, daughter of a French diplomat and a Spanish mother, she was born in a transatlantic coming from Europe to America.  A prolific writer, lecturer, and a silver medal laureate, from the University of Alcala, Spain for her work in disclosing the Book of Revelations and 666, the mystery number of the Antichrist, using the Marcosian System of Gnostic Numerology.  

She started a successful theatre and film career as an actress in Europe.  Soon Hollywood scouted her and Universal Studios offered her a seven year contract.  While under contract with Universal, she had a near death experience and had a vision that changed her life.  She then broke her contract with Universal, studied Metaphysics, was initiated in Sat-Yoga and then studied inner Kung Fu and Hypno-Analysis, specializing in Age and Stress control.  Since then Ysatis has dedicated herself to healing others of different psychosomatic illnesses, advance their growth by helping them transcend their personal limits, have peace of mind, joy for life and rejuvenate.  Ysatis has realized that Essential Truth which unifies and is indeed the Essence of all religions. ‘This Experience unifies all those fragments into one Truth. She says, ‘It is as it were the string that holds together many precious pearls that make an exquisite necklace; a magnificent necklace that only someone graced with It can wear.’  She attributes her everlasting naturally youthful and healthy aspect to the faithful practice of this Experience, a visual and audio form of it which she has designed to offer to the general public in her Natural Rejuvenation DVD to help others break through their limitations and discover their own potential for enlightenment and the way to find it. Her books and her ‘I Center of Power’ CD are also designed with the same purpose.

Ysatis was knighted a Dame of Honor of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitallier, from the Order of Malta some  years ago in Budapest, Hungary.


As I said before, this view of life is not new. It is the deepest, most profound and most ancient teaching of wisdom, going all the way back to the ancient Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations, which were known and highly respected by the small group of us who work with the mind and in the spiritual field. This ancient Teaching of Wisdom has just become scientific by Quantum mechanics supporting its most essential teachings with its latest findings. This ancient teaching taught a dynamic attitude of eternal vigilance of the mind’s thoughts, fears and inclinations from a center of self-introspection – the View of the Ultimate Observer – to prevent any force from having greater power in designing our lives than our own willed choice,  putting then the responsibility of our life in our own hands.

Zarathustra, the great Persian Master, taught the Art of Asha, from which the Chess Game derives. It stressed an eternal vigilance of the mind with its forces of light and darkness as the price for success, health, happiness and wisdom. The Art of Being, or the interplay of man with the forces of nature and good and evil, and his experience of becoming the Ultimate Observer to be able to choose and will, thus creating his reality and destiny, rather than to be driven by either of these forces.

In ancient Egypt the first principle of the Hermetic Teachings is: ‘The All is Mind. The Universe is Mental.’ And what is ‘The All’? It is the name the ancient Egyptians gave to the Father Mother Source of all Life, the Supreme Intelligence that we call God (Generator, Operator, Destroyer) of all there is and the Substantial Reality that underlies all manifestations and appearance of what we know under the term Material Universe, or Manifested Reality or Matter, which includes ourselves and everything that we experience as our daily reality.

Edgar Mitchell, the 6th Astronaut to walk on the Moon and founder of the Noetic Science Institute says, ‘The Universe according to this paradigm is an Intelligent, self-organizing, creating, learning by trial and error, interactive, local inter connective, participatory, evolutionary system.  In other words, the Universe we live in exists not only for its physicality, but also because of its information.

For the first time in history the general public is being taught that they can create their reality with their own minds.  It is also true that this works for some people and not for others; it just doesn’t work for everyone and always. . .

Why? What determines this? What determines this is the accepted limitations of each person’s mind. Our mind works as a computer – if it has free memory and no contrary information to the one you want to put in, it will go in swiftly.  But if the computer’s memory is full and the program refuses it – It will not accept new information.

The RAS (Reticular Activating System) will defend the old program that has been accepted as good and has worked for years to become part of your persona’s make up, or luggage – whatever you want to call it – with sword and shield.
So, it will give you a sign saying, ‘memory is full, cannot accept new information’ and it will use emotions as puncturing prods not to allow  the  individual to change. It will not allow anything contrary to what the programmed memory has accepted as ‘good and true’ until it is freed from the ‘old, wrong information.’  The change can be done only in a hypnotic Alpha state of relaxation where the RAS is dormant and not able to interfere.  This is why the only safe, effective and essential therapy to use for the necessary changes to occur in the Art and Science of Self- Transformation is Hypno-Analysis.

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