I take great pleasure in presenting this Website to all who truly desire to change their lives.  I have for many years practiced this Ancient Science of the Mind and healed many people with the Method of Quantum Mind Natural Healing I am presenting in this Website.  

I learned the basis of this Method of healing way before the branch of Science called Quantum Science re-discovered that ALL IS MIND, a Truth that many centuries ago at the dawn of human history was taught by The Thrice Greatest Hermes, the Great Egyptian Master.

Now Quantum Science sees the Universe as ‘A Web of Living Mind’ an Ocean of Information, one of unlimited options and potentials, limited only by the mind of ‘the observer’; those limitations are in turn determined by ‘the observer’s’ conditioning or program In other words, what the latest 21st Century scientific paradigm says is that it is your mind’s program which determines your capacity to see, to understand, to take action as an unlimited being or not. It determines as well your options and potentials of what you can become or not in life. 



The latest Quantum Science findings are not new, the most ancient teaching of wisdom known taught a dynamic attitude of eternal vigilance of the mind’s thoughts, fears, inclinations from a center of self-introspection – the View of the Ultimate Observer – to prevent any force from having greater power in designing our lives than our own willed choice, thus putting the responsibility of our life in our own hands. Quantum science also puts the responsibility of our reality right in our own lap.

One of my teachers, Dr. William Bryan was a Surgeon at the beginning of his life, a career that he inherited from his father, who was also a surgeon.  He was disappointed to see that his clients would come back few years later with another symptom like the one that had been cut out and more than once!  He felt the symptoms may have had their root in the Subconscious Mind and became a Psychiatrist.   The fact that this branch of mental healing had become a profession that prescribed drugs to calm symptoms yet didn’t penetrate the mind in depth disappointed him; so, he went back to the origins of  Psychoanalysis and created 

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a deeper system of mental therapy that he called Hypno-Analysis, and later formed the Bryan Institute of Hypnosis. I studied with Dr. William Bryan and Hypno-Analysis training from the Bryan Institute of Hypnosis and a later earned a doctorate degree in Hypnology from the International College of Hypnosis, in Miami, Florida to further my research into the human mind, the root causes of human stresses that contribute to the formation of disease, and how early mental programs can affect human lives, which I learned and practiced and is the base of the Quantum Mind Natural Healing Method that I currently practice.

The Quantum Mind Natural Healing Method is a method to reach higher and deeper levels of Consciousness to help people to have a Center of Power and Self-Observation, which radically changes their realty. Now, the fact that some of the greatest Nuclear Scientists have penetrated our apparent reality in depth has opened people up to a greater understanding and interest in Mental Healing.

This is the cause of great joy to me and many others who have previously worked in an atmosphere of skepticism because of the great ignorance that existed in general about the Mental Realm.  So Welcome to our Quantum Mind Natural Healing site, a site of Growth, Freedom from problems and Transformation.

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